Bandhaura Police Station – exemplifies undemocratic process!


Want to file a complaint to the Police? Ask for Essar Security Guards’ permission.

Essar’s thermal power plant project in Singrauli evoked resistance from the people who want to save their forest and livelihood. Thousands of people got displaced and there are plans to displace more. All the people who didn’t get anything that were promised to them before they had been displaced, want to file complaints at the police station. Now, the Bandhaura Police Station (tehsil – Waidhan) is inside the Essar Company compound! Its easy to understand who do the police listen to in this case. If any villager wants to go to the Police Station, s/he has to take permission from Essar’s security guards – otherwise, the police station is inaccessible for people. Vivek (reporting this) asks what kind of ‘democracy’ is this where people don’t even have independence to meet the police without a company’s interference?

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