Bad Roads- a never ending plight!


I am Umesh Kumar Tori from Dhanbad. The plights of bad and beaten roads are not new in our country. One such road is the NH32- the road which connects Dhanbad and Ranchi in Jharkhand. The coal capital of Jharkhand is probably suffering from the worst conditioned roads. The bad roads are causing frequent and regular accidents. The best thing is that the Ministers, Senior Officers regularly take this road but they just don’t care and are absolutely unperturbed by the road condition. It’s difficult to find whether there is a pit on the road or the road in the pit? Despite of the regular allotment of tenders to maintain NH32, unfortunately the condition of the road remains the same and deteriorating further. Dhanbad provides a major chunk of revenue to the state government and despite that it is suffering with the menace of bad roads. It nearly gives me a nightmare when I think of the roads in other districts. I request to all you, call to our district magistrate and help to solve this problem. 03262312401

Call Umesh to know about the bad conditioned NH32 – 9798545001

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