“all the Mahua trees in Mahan forest probably produce in a year the worth of a company that’s trying to cut them!”


Ajay Gujjar says the above with a humor. He elucidates that the people in Mahan are self sufficient for generations, earning enough to run their families and most importantly, they are happy. Looking at the compensations that displaced people received in some cases, people know by now that if they agree to give away their forest, they will have nothing but stripped to bankruptcy of everything that they have. Ajay says that the companies can be wherever they are from, they should not enter Mahan. People in Mahan don’t want their money, benefits, nothing! He requests the audience of Radio Sagharsh to spread his message. – Ajay Gujjar is from Bandha Village of Singrauli district in M.P.
Call Ajay to know more about what’s happening – 8224847472

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