70 villagers stopped marking of the trees in Mahan forest


Vivek Goyal reporting from Waidhan. On 5th May, people from the company were marking the trees and their working area in the forest. 70 villagers went to stop this. The police came by then and asked the villagers to let the marking continue. But the villagers told that they would continue resisting because this 2nd stage clearance is given based on 1125 forged signatures in the Gramsabha on 6th March, 2013 (whereas the actual number of villagers present in the Gramsabha was only 184). Villagers say that this 2nd stage clearance is a against the Forest Right Act 2006. Thus, the govt and administration supporting the company is actually a violation of the rights of villagers, tribal and dalits. After a while, the company people and police left their equipments in the forest and went away. Later, the villagers submitted the equipments at Bandhora police station. ‘Sangharsh jaari rahega’
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