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SC showed 214 coal blocks the gate out


JAGNARAYAN SHAH (Village-Amelia, Post karsualal, Teshil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh):

“I’m an active member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti, fighting to save our ‘Jal Jangal Zameen’ (water, forest and land). I would like to tell you all that on 24th Sept’14, Supreme Court has cancelled the licences of 214 coal blocks allocated (illegally) from 1993 to 2011! We, from Mahan Sangharsh Samiti, welcome this landmark decision.
People in Singrauli and Mahan Sangharsh Samiti have been fighting to save Mahan forest for the last four years. We always told that ‘truth may get in trouble but its never defeated!’, and this ruling proves it right! Many from different corners of the country fought together for people’s rights, livelihoods and environment and we congratulate them all!
On the other hand, the govt is talking about amending some related laws. Our struggle will continue because we can’t let our rights get violated. We appeal to all of you listeners of Radio Sangharsh to stand with us.”

People’s Climate March and how to save the world


SITARAM SHAH (Village-Amelia, Post karsualal, Teshil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh):

“On 20 Sept 2014, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti member Sitalal Shah, Ramlakhan, Ramkumar and Shankar participated in People’s Climate March which was organized by organization 350 India. My objective of coming here was to tell urban people and make them relate to our pain and struggle. Climate Change is directly related with my struggle. Deforestation and GHGs from burning of coal are the main reasons of Climate Change. I appeal to Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he should also attend the UN climate submit along with Environment Minister Prakash Javdekar in New York. We should stop deforestation and start working on saving forests because Climate Change affects millions and many countries. We have already seen climate change effects in Kashmir.

The People Have Spoken: Development Without Destruction


My name is Vivek and I am speaking from Delhi right now. Today the serious danger of climate change is hovering over the entire world. The whole world is readying itself to fight this danger. On December 20, 2014, organized People’s climate march in which various organizations from across the country participated and raised their voices against the serious issue of climate change. From Mandi House to Jantar Mantar almost 1500 youth, women, men and children marched. The march was divided into 3 sections- the first section were people who wore black t-shirts and symbolized reasons, next- the ones who wore blue t-shirts symbolized impacts, and the third wearing yellow t-shirts symbolized solutions. Organizations such as Chutka Nuclear Energy Sangharsh Samiti, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti etc participated in the march. An activist from Mahan Sangharsh Samiti, Siyaram Shah said that the government is destroying forests without any basis because of which the climate is impacted. Besides, the destruction of forests is causing the loss of livelihoods for lakhs of people and also serious causing changes to the air and water thereby affecting crores of people. We have already seen the impact of climate change in Uttarakhand and in Kashmir. I appeal to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the Climate Change Conference in New York along with the Environment Minister, Prakash Javdekar. The organization of the People Climate March has been successful. The enthusiasm of the people participating in this march has made it clear that people don’t want development that is built on the foundations of destruction.

Bribe Demanded for Receipt


Ram Lakhan Saket from village Suhira, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, District Singrauli , Madhya Pradesh.

I went to the village Patwari Dheeresh to get a receipt and he is asking me for Rs 2000. I am a poor man who does not have the ability to work. So I do not have money and so my receipt is not being drawn. I appeal Radio Sangharsh listeners to give me a hearing. The village Patwari number is 9425491096.

To know more about the issue, call Ramlakhan Saket at 7509316310
Report to District Magistrate Raghuraj MR at  07805-234541 and email-
Report to CM Helpline- 155343 and CM Anti-corruption unit- 181


Consent of Gramsabha holds the villagers’ rights – govt must not dilute it!


JAYPRAKASH KUSHWAHA (village Jhalri, post karsualal, thana Langhadol, dist- Singraui) -

“I am hearing news from radio and newspaper that the central and state government are going to make some changes in some laws like consent of GramSabha, Forest Right Act etc. The reports say that the consent of Gramsabhas would not be required! But if this mandate of taking consent of Gramsabha is cancelled, then there would be bad impact on tribal and non tribals. People would lose their rights and there won’t be any value of villagers as a result. I am requesting the government that the Consent of GramSabha and Forest Right Act should not be cancelled or diluted. It does not matter that how old the law is, if people of this country think that it is right then it is right.”
You can contact Jayprakash at 7389779955


Irregularities in food-coupon distribution at Suhira


HRADAYLAL SHAH (Village Suhira, Po- karsualal, tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

“Food coupons are being distributed in our village Suhira but I didn’t get it. I have my KarmKarya card but secretary is not giving coupon to me. There is no food in my home. This appeal should reach district CEO.”

Call Hradaylal to know more details about the problem at 7509316310

Call Village Secretary Rama Bashore- 9617368190
Notify this to the Govt food distribution department,
District Supprly Officer- Babulal Dongre – 07805-  234540,  7898617788, email –


Need a bridge on the troubled water


BHAGWAN ASHRAY NAMDEV (Village Raila, Tehsil Mada, Dist Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) -

“ There is Garra River between Raila and Karsualal which is very dangerous. Everyday people fall in to it resulting fracture and other kinds of injuries. Many times administration brings work order on it but nothing happens. In rainy season, the river gets flooded which damages a lot. A bridge must be constructed on this river because our health center is based in Chaura. Now we have to  travel a lot to reach there. If the bridge is constructed, then this distance would be around 4 km shorter. I demand from the admininstration that they construct the bridge for the people.”

You can reach Bhagwan Ashray at 7746871173
Notify the PWD dpt for the need of the bridge ,  S.K.A Zaidi- 07662-25520007662-255201 , email

Coal Mining Without Compensation & Clearances


JAI PRAKASH KUSHWAHA (Jhalli village, post Karsualal, thana Langadhol, dst. Singrauit, MP)

“On Sept 5, 2014, in village Dongri, thana Langadhol, Singrauli, a JP official has got a hole dug and placed coal in it to show the government officers that the coal mining is operational. After his saying so, the Tribals from Dhongri and Bhisaguda reacted strongly and asked the officer how come JP had ‘started mining coal’ when villagers didn’t get any jobs, plot, compensation! Some people started saying that the higher officials have accepted money and are getting wrong things done or giving clearances. The laws are not being followed by anyone. Some people were insultingly saying that the laws are made only for poor people. Everyone gives a hearing to rich people and only God listens to the poor.

You can call Jaiprakash at 7389779955 to know more about this discrepancy.

The Hard Lives of Slum Children


I am Gaurav speaking from Surat. I’m a Gandhi fellowship. I work in schools these days. A small effort to help eradicate the bad condition of the students of government schools. I have seen how good the schools in Surat are but the condition of the children studying in the schools and also that of their parents is very bad. I mainly work in Marathi and Hindi schools. The children from Marathi and Hindi schools are mainly from slums. These children coming from slums experience relief in their lives in the 6-7 hours they spend in school. They spend the rest of their time working.
On returning from school, they join the people at home in working. Once they are tired of working they return to schools. Working in diamond factories, embroidery shops, doing small tasks, selling vegetables- this is their work. They stay in a 10×10 house with 7-8 other family members. The water comes to their place only for two hours with great difficulty between 10-12, and they have to do all work including storing water between these hours. If any day the water does not come for any reason, they have a very hard time. The children come late to school and if they reach they come absent minded. We can imagine how difficult their lives are.  Radio Sangharsh is a good initiative. Thank you!

You can know more details about the kids from Gaurav at 9015940489

Repeal the Proposed Dilution of FRA



ANITA KUSHWAHA (village Budher, Post – Jamghadi, Thana Sarai, Tehsil Sarai, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh):

“We have been dependent on the jungle since generations. Therefore, the right to the forests first belongs to the people who live here. I have heard that the government is trying to bring in a new law. According to the new law they wish, to set up a coal mine or an commercial industry, it will not be necessary to get the consent of the villagers. If this law is brought in, it is a violation of our fundamental rights as well as the rights of the people living in the forests. I will not obey this law because it will destroy the livelihoods of the people who depend on the forests and we will all be displaced from our homes. So, this law has to be stopped immediately. I appeal to my friends around the country that this law which the government is trying to impose is wrong because the coal reserves of the country will be destroyed completely because of this.”

You can call Anita at 8718939145 for more details.




Diluting FRA is A Violation of Fundamental Rights


JAG NARAYAN SHAH (Amelia village, Thana and Tehsil Mahda, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh) :

“I am a Mahan Sangharsh Samiti activist. I am an independent citizen of India. I have heard though newspapers and news that the attempt by the government to dilute the Forest Rights Act and not give the Gram Sabha any importance is being discussed. If it happens, it won’t be necessary to enforce forests rights laws and to obtain consent in the Gram Sabha before allocating coal blocks. This is a violation of the rights of all the people in India! The laws guarantee rights under the Constitution to every person because of which the citizens of the country are able to progress. I want to state that since generations for us the source of livelihood are the forests of Mahan, in which the forest produce is non-taxable. The people for whom the forests are a source of livelihood they have the first right to the forests. It would not be right to carry out any activity in the forests without their consent and it would also be a violation of their rights. To interfere with this, would be a violation of people’s rights.
Before the elections, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that good days are here. But it seems from reports in the newspapers that people who live in forest areas, who have their livelihoods there, it seems like their lives are in danger. This is a violation of the rights of Indian citizens. If rights are violated in this manner, then we will fight to save our rights and our livelihoods ourselves and I appeal to the friends listening to Radio Sangharsh, to try hard to save the livelihoods and daily bread of fellow Indian citizens. Thank you!”

You can reach Jag Narayan for more details at 8359899684


Passenger Complaint Numbers Not Working


DHARAMPAL VERMA (Saria, district Giridih, Jharkhand):

“At this Hazaribagh Railway station there are complaint (phone) numbers that have been listed. But whenever passengers are inconvenienced, and they try calling the three complaint numbers that are listed near the ticket counter, the calls never connect or the calls go through but the phone is never answered. So my point is that why list these three numbers if no one answers when people call them because it’s a false promise. So I want to inform the railway administrator from Hajipur zone that in Hazaribagh railway station, to – either change the numbers or remove the numbers that are listed as complaint numbers because they trouble people with their falsehood.”

To report this to Railways, call Chief  OS/Admin Officer – 9771425053, 06224-22050, 62070
For more details, call Dharampal at 9155199383

Action Must Be Taken Against Agent!


JAYATLAL SHAH (Suhira village, Post Karsua, thana & tehsil Mahda, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh):

“For almost twenty years, I am living on the revenue land of MP government. land. A villager named Ram Lallu Shah (S/O Shankar Prasad Shah from Suhira) files false reports and he implicates me in false cases. Along with this, he gives me death threats. He is also a agent.
When I went to file a case against Ramlallu in Bandhura police station, they refused to file my report and I was chased away from there. Then I filed a complaint at the SP office. But no investigation has been carried out on this. I appeal to the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to raise your voices against this and help right action be taken against him. Thank you!”

Call/mail the Superintendent of Police, Singrauli and demand fast action on harassed villagers’ complaints – phone 07805 (234601)
Call Jayatlal to know more about his problem and police’s inaction – 7581989229


First thing’s first! Implement community forest rights


BHAGWAN ASHRAY NAMDEV (Village Raila, Tehsil Mada, Dist-Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

“There are many problems in our district like power cut, electric transformer doesn’t change on time etc. but here I’ll talk about the need of Forest Right Implementation in our district. Administration stated that villagers who have been living here since 1984, will get the land registration; but I would also like to suggest that we should start Forest Right Awareness drive among poor and displaced people of singrauli. There are rights for everyone. We have to understand our rights.
I am appealing to the new district magistrate that villagers should be benefited. Forest is about to finish in next 10 years. Before that, those villagers should get their rights in place and only after that, the GramSabha should be organized!”

You can contact Bhagwan at 7746871173

Chicken, Sari, Daaru – Company wants to buy villagers’ consent with these!


BAIJU SINGH GOND (Amelia village, Karsualal post, Tehsil Mahda, Madhya Pradesh) -  interview by HIRAMANI SINGH

“The company people come to us and say, “Drink liquor, eat chicken and switch to our side in the Gram Sabha.” We don’t want to side with them in the Gram Sabha. We want to save our jungle and our land. We want a separate Gram Sabha.”
People from company coming to villages in group of four and distribute liquor and chicken to some, clothes and saris to others – this cannot continue. I appeal to the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to spread this message.”

For more detail on this call, contact Hiramani at 8359899684

We Welcome the Supreme Court Verdict


JAG NARAYAN SHAH (Amelia village, Karsualal post, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh)

“I am a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti. We are the ones who are pursuing a peaceful revolution to save their water, jungle, land, livelihoods and daily bread. Friends, we welcome the the Supreme Court decision on Aug 25, 2014 that declares coal block allocations from 1993 to 2011, a total of 216 coal blocks as illegal! Through this we realised that the truth can get upset but cannot be defeated.
I hope through this Supreme Court decision that all the illegal coal blocks in the country get shut down and this would be beneficial to all the people living in this country. And through this, the violation of human rights of children, women and people around the country that is happening currently–  can be stopped and their situation can be improved so that people can better their lives together. Friends, zindabad!”

You can speak to Jagnarayan at 7566904239 and know more about the struggles of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti to save their forest from an illegally allocated coal mine

Help Us Claim Our Rights


KAMLAJI SINGH (Amelia village, Karsua post, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh)

“We are residents of this village for generations. Our jungles and lands are forcefully being taken away from us. Our various sources of livelihoods are being snatched by the company.
Friends of the revolution, I request you to help us receive the community forest rights that we can claim under the declaration of the Forest Rights Act of 2006. Please help us get our rights. Thank you!

You can speak to Kamlaji at 8359899684

Harassment by Officials in the Middle of the Night


Ram Vichare Jaiswal (from Amelia village, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh)

“Coal mines have come to our Amelia village. The officials of these coal mining companies trouble us coming to our house and repeatedly harassing us by telling we must ensure that they win the Gram Sabha.  They knock on our doors at in times like 11pm and 1 am at night. Friends! Please help us. Thank you!”

Call Ram Vichare to know more details on the company harassing villagers – 9752527157

2013 Gram Sabha Should be Declared Invalid


Vijay Shankar Singh (from Amelia village, Karsualal post, Thana Tehsil Mahda, Singrauli district, MP)

“I want to give this message through Radio Sangharsh that the Gram Sabha that was held on March 6, 2013 in a wrong and forged manner, be declared invalid. A new Gram Sabha should be held again in the presence of district judge or such higher administrators, so that we villagers can independently and peacefully put forth our matters. It needs to be ensured that there is no pressure on the villagers during this.

I appeal to all my friends of Radio Sangharsh that the forged Gram Sabha be declared invalid and those who carried out the forgeries be handed out strict punishments. Thank you. Zindabad!”

Call Vijay to know more about the last gram saha and the situation now, 8435637872