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illegal construction on villager’s land


Bhajandhari Khushwaha (Gram parkhudi,post rajmilan, tehsil – Mada,Dist Singrauli -MP) is reporting on how his 8 acre land that he owns is being used by some individuals for construction that he doesn’t approve of & is illegal. Their names are Ramujagir, Rampat & the local Patwari.
He is got an order from the court & the hearing is on 6th July’14 but these people are not willing to wait. He is requesting the administration to intervene & act on his complaint. You can reach him on 9826786959

To report Call M.Selvendran (IAS),Collector & DM, Phone-07805 (234541), 07805(244110)

Amelia Govt school runs almost without teachers and books!


“I’m standing outside the Govt school in our village, Amelia. Its 10:30 a.m now and not a single teacher have reached yet. When I asked one of the kids playing around, he told that the teachers don’t come most of the days. Children here didn’t get their books whereas the schools in other villages and panchayats have distributed this session’s book already. I request the district education officer to distribute the books soon and ask the teachers to do their jobs.”

- VIRENDRA Kr. SINGH (Village- Amelia, Post karsualal, Tehsil- mada, Dist- Singrauli) and AVDHESH KUMAR PANIKA (class 5, Amelia Govt school)

Call Virendra 7354590125 to know more details.
Abhilash Singh Gond- Head Master- 9753472246
Ranmat Singh- District Education Officer- 07805-234716, 9425927763

Criminally polluting factories+Administration’s inaction=miserable lives in Champa


MANISH KUMAR SEN, Janjgir, Champa dst., Chattisgarh:

“There is excessive environmental pollution in and around our village. Paper mill, steel plants, stone crushers and other unregulated factories pollutes the river water with untreated waste disposal! The smoke and dust fills the air and the farmlands nearby are about to stop producing crops.  We are extremely troubled by the existing problem and associated inaction. Hope Radio Sangharsh will help.”

Call Manish to know more about the problem – 9303619980

Call or mail the contacts below and demand an action on this!
N. Baijendra Kumar – Principal Secretary, CG Environment Conservation – 0771 –2221308 (O), 4080308 (O)
O.P. Chauhry – District Magistrate – 07817-222208

Villagers protested and stopped company numbering the trees in Mahan!


“More than hundred men and women of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) protested and stopped Mahan Coal Ltd (MCL) from numbering trees in the forest. This happened on 23rd June. MSS members told MCL not to come back for numbering trees till the rights of the villagers are enforced.”
Call Virendra @9669653827 to know details on this.

‘Development’, who do you serve? Not us, for sure!


JAGNARAYAN (Mahan Sangharsh Samiti member) from AMELIA, SINGRAULI, MADHYA PRADESH -
“We heard about the IB report from media. I reject the report’s allegation that  Greenpeace is a hindrance to our economic growth, as false! Development means progress that is for all!

Right now in India, the word ‘development’ only helps businessmen and city dwellers to ‘grow’ more. But it is us, the village dwellers, who have to deal with the ugly side to it. We get displaced and have no where to go, our livelihoods are snatched away from us, we are expected to make life changing sacrifices! After losing everything, we have to live with dust, unbearable pollution, a destroyed environment resulting in adverse health effects on our fellow villagers.

Our rights and needs are ruthlessly trampled over. In this environment of despair, Greenpeace has been supporting and working to enforce community forest rights on Mahan forest for the villagers. This is as per 2006-2007 Forest Rights Act.
There is necessity for organisations like Greenpeace in our co- to spread awareness, safeguard the rights and livelihood of us poor, to protect the environment from destruction. Greenpeace is not one to function for money or political motives. They are doing a great job”

Fighting for rights can’t be anti-national!


Kripanath Yadav’s (MSS) reactive on the IB Report 

“ I don’t agree to the recent IB report’s statement that Greenpeace is a threat to national economy. I also refute the allegation and that from foreign countries, Greenpeace pours money on the people in grassroots here to arrange protests! Greenpeace works to save the environment and demand protection of people’s rights – both of which are crucial for the planet. I believe that every village in every country needs a Greenpeace!

Mahan Coal Mines wants to start mining in Amelia village. The joint pressure from local administration, law enforcers and the company are making a mockery of every human rights  and law possible! That’s why Mahan Sangharsh Samiti and Greenpeace are working together for justice. MSS is working peacefully and legally for implementation of Indian Govt’s 2006-07 Forest Rights Act and Community Forest Right in Mahan. Our constitution gives us this right and fighting for rights can’t be anti-national! Zindabad” – Kripanath is from Amelia village, Dst. Singrauli, M.P.

Sinister night-meeting at Sarpanch’s house?


14th June 10 p.m, Amelia’s Sarpanch – Santosh Singh had a meeting at his home with Ramji Yadav and few other people from the village. In the meeting, Ramji Yadav was planning to file a false charge of  IPC 376 on Kripanath Yadav and Jagnarayan Shah – this was the news from sources. The reporter says that the brokers (of the company) have been filing false cases against villagers – one after another and the administration is doing nothing to stop their atrocities.  He is demanding a strong action against them with pressure from the listeners of Radio Sangharsh. – Report by Hardayal Singh Gond (Village- Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Sarai, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) – Mail the District Magistrate that if the brokers really try to book Kripanath and Jagnarayan someday in the future – you know about their sinister plan from now!

Children are dragged into construction work in Budher, women receive threats!


Anita kushwaha form Budher village (P.S.- Sarai, District- Singrauli) is reporting the atrocities of Vyasjee Jaiswal, a middle man of Mahan Coal Ltd. The company is constructing pillars in the  forest for which it needed laborers from the villagers, but the people denied to work for MCL saying that “our livelihood is wholly dependent on this forest, how can we help someone from snatching it from us?”
MCL had no alternative for labors hence, Vyashjee, drags the minors forcefully from the village to the construction site and coerce them to work. If any woman is found to be alone in house, Vyashjee Jaiswal along with Sitaram Gond, enters the house and they beat & threaten the woman. To know more about the issue, Call Anita : 8718939145
Help the people of Budher by reporting this to :
D Kalyan Chakravarti[Supdt. of Police - Singrauli] Office- 07805 (234601)
Child Labour cell:
Women’s security cell & helpline: 09425841437
National Women’s Commission Complaints Cell:011-23219750
Shri M.Selvendran (IAS),Collector & DM, Phone-07805 (234541), 07805(244110)  Mail

Why we are with Mahan!


Akshay’s message to all the people in Mahan regarding the IB report:

Mahan Sangharsh Samiti and Greenpeace, with all of you together, have been fighting to ensure  the community forest rights of people dependent on Mahan forest. A few days ago, a govt agency charged Greenpeace with wrong allegations. We are never against development, nor do we take money from foreign countries. Yes, we talk about development with renewable energies, we are funded by Indian supporters. We make the villagers aware of their own rights over the forest. We do talk about a development that is for everyone. Development is not just for the big companies. It should empower everyone with all of their constitutional rights. In the same manner, we demand implementation of the rights of all the people living in Mahan. To undo the forgery of signatures in Gramsabha by govt officials, we demand a fresh Gramsabha conducted in constitutional manner. We demand that you should be given the right to choose what you want! Our rights can’t be killed with the excuse of development in the favor of a company or the country. The allegation they gave on us is we get money from foreign countries to halt development in India. We refute this allegation. To save your forest and to give a safe future to generations to come, more than 3 lakh Indians supports Greenpeace financially. These are the people who are always standing with you in your fight to save Mahan forest. Greenpeace campaigns in many countries and every country it is funded by the very country’s own citizens. We never accept any money from any govt or political party. You must be wondering how our govt agency’s allegations are this unfounded – I would reassure you that, these allegations are signs that our strength of the struggle in our villages have now reached every corner of the county. This is sign that the people who want to snatch our forest are afraid of us now. So they are doing these to suppress our voices. This is the time we need to chant so loud that everyone who wants to snatch our rights and our forest from us, can hear it! – “Jangal hamare aapka, nahin kisike baap ka! Abhi toh ye angraai hain, aage aur ladhai hain”

Bribe asked from BPL card holders in the name of MukhyaMantri Kanyadaan Yojna


Under the MukhyaMantri Kanyadhan Yojna, BPL card holders are supposed to get financial assistance. Ramvrint Panika, also applied applied for aid for his daughter’s marriage. But the official, Dharmesh (Village Secretary), asked for bribe. Even after paying the bribe, the helpless father – Ramvrint’s application was not submitted. The officials said that the amount (bribe) that Ramvrint had paid was not enough and he need to give more money to submit/pass the application. Ramvrint denied from paying more bribe and his application was not passed.

There are more problem and Village panchayat is not functioning properly. Ravindra Singh says that the District administration should take strong action against them who is involved in this corrupt practices exploiting the villagers living below poverty line. Ravindra Singh from Padari Rajatola is interviewing Mr. Ramvrint Panika.
Report this to -
Shri Mithilesh K Shukla [(IPS) Supdt. of Police] Office- 07805 (234601)
Shri M.Selvendran (IAS),Collector & DM, Phone-07805 (234541), 07805(244110)  Mail

Devotion or destruction?


Virendra Kumar Singh (Village Amelia, Post karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) is reporting about how Thakurain Tai, a devotional place for villagers from many villages, is under threat of destruction. It witnesses regular worshipers and locals’ festivals. Now this place falls in the middle of proposed coal mines and would be lost if mining isn’t stopped. Virendra says that people are opposing mining on their place of faith.
For more details, call Virendra – 08120487266

Appeal to the PMO for “acche din” in Mahan


Jagnarayan Shah, a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti with hope of justice from the new government, conveys this message to the Prime Minister, Union Tribal Minister and the Tribal welfare department :
“ I am a resident of Mahaan forest area. The forest is the only source of  livelihood of the people residing here. It gives us Mahua, Tendu, Chironji, wood for cooking and supporting village huts, different herbs, medicines etc. making the villagers self-sufficient and with all the resources required for living. But Essar, Hindalco, Mahan Coal Limited and other corporations are trying to snatch it from the people. Bribed local administrators are thrashing villager’s rights everyday. Here, the Community Forest Rights hasn’t been implemented. Social workers and other villagers who try to protect these people’s rights are thrown to jail on the basis fake cases.
We are fighting non-violently to save our forest and we will keep on fighting for it because if it is wiped deforested, we will lose everything.
I appeal to the new Government to make these companies evacuate the forest so that we could live peacefully, ‘jisse hum sabke acche din baney rahen’. And I don’t only hope but believe it strongly that you (the government), keeping in view- the livelihood of the Mahan people, will make the companies leave Mahan. Zindabad!”

Help to bring Acche Din for Mahan, Call to Mr. Jual Oram ( Minister  Of Tribal Affairs) 23388482(O), 23381499(O),23070577(FAX), 24625800(FAX)
Dr.Rameshwar Oraon Chairperson (National Commission for Scchedule Tribe) 24635721, 2462462(Fax) 09868180394(R) 011-26119495(R)
Tell this to Your Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Impact – out of order handpumps in Amelia are repaired now


Virendra (from Amelia) tells us about the impact his call to Radio Sangharsh brought. Few days ago he reported to Radio Sangharsh about the four out of order handpumps and water scarcity in his village for one month.  After his report, the handpumps have now been repaired.

50 cattle missing – Police numbers are switched off


Ajay Gujjar (Vil. PO – Bandha, Singrauli district) is reporting that someone took 50 cattle from his village to sell in the haat (market). He called the police on the two numbers (given on the information signboard) to complain about this but both the numbers were switched off. He does not know whom to contact and hence is requesting the  listeners of Radio Sangharsh to help him.
Call Ajay for more informations: 9753495156
Notify this to the SP, D Kalyan Chakravarti(IPS)- Office- 07805 (234601)
Notify this to the Collector, M.Selvendran (IAS), Phone-07805 (234541), 07805(244110)  Mail

Life halted in 3 villages and the Rowdies say, “Go ask Modi, we won’t give you the road!”


Ravindra Singh (from  Raja Tola of  Padri vill., Post, P.S. & tehsil- Madha, District- Singrauli) is again reporting the road related issue that has stopped the lives in the three villages viz. Rajatola, Nado and Betariya. About a month ago, few rowdies of Padri village dug up a 3*7 mts. hole in the main road that connected these villages to the main market (Waidhan- the district headquarter). Ravindra says, “We are facing severe problems because of this inaccessible road – we can’t go to the market, children cannot go to the school, we are unable to take the patients to the hospital and the ambulance cannot reach us either, some pregnant women even died because of lack of medical treatment. All public transport stopped coming to the road, leaving the villages isolated. The local rowdies say- ‘we wont give the road, if you want road, go and ask Modi.”
The people have contacted many media and wrote letters to the D.M. and C.M. but no step has been taken yet. Therefore Ravindra wants to take this one to the government of M.P. and Mr. Modi to help them out of this.

Help the people of Rajatola, Nado and Betariya by reporting this to :
Engineer-in-Chief, M.P. Public Works Department, Bhopal, MP. Ph.- (0755) 2551485 ,
Shri M.Selvendran -Collector & DM, Phone-07805234541, 07805244110  Mail
Interact with P.M.-

Officer from Union Bank of India is asking for bribe from poor people in Bargawan


Ramkripal Gurjar (resident of Bargawan) was supposed to get Rs. 60000 under Pradhan Mantri Housing Scheme. He received half the total sum (i.e. Rs. 30000) as the first installment and was supposed to get another half after the completion of his house.
After the construction was done, on 25 September 2013, he applied for the 2nd installment with the photos of completed house to his bank- Union Bank of India. Then Debvrat, the field officer of the bank demanded from him a bribe of Rs. 5000 in order to allow the second installment. Ramkripal refused to pay any bribe. As a result, the corrupt officer Debvrat didn’t accept his photos and application for the 2nd installment.
After this incidence, he went many times to the bank but he wasn’t given his second installment. On 1st march 2014 when he went to Debvrat, he said “remove the windows and doors from house only then you will get it.” Ramkripal refused to do this as well and said, “I’ve constructed this house for staying, I’ll not remove windows and doors!”  Also, he did not get the details of his account for nine months, after 9 months when he got the details, he found out that he was charged with an interest of Rs. 5700 of which he has no idea! He says he was tortured mentally, and economically. Ramkripal filed a case to the collector and demands for justice! #unionbankofindia
Call Ramkripal for more details on this @ 9617878800
Call Debvrat, field manager UBI and tell him that we are watching him @ 08226008545
Inform Union bank of India- central office, Mumbai- Toll Free 1800222244, Others 022-25751500, 022 -25719600 , Email :

Reliance Power caused the displaced live in unlivable conditions in Amlori


Parsuram Baiga shares the pathetic living conditions of the people in displaced village Amlori (Amlori Jharia, dst. Singrauli, MP)! Reliance Power has done injustice to the displaced. While acquiring people’s lands, Reliance said that it would provide people with compensation, employment, plots to stay, all the facilities like water, electricity, connected roads etc. But many days have passed since then and these poor people did not get the things promised to them by the company.
“When we lived in forest,” Parsuram says, “we never ran out of food, the forest took care of our stomachs. But now, after displacement, we’re starving here, with no place to live in.” The company also told that it would provide plots to the minors after 2 years. People from Amlori protested against such unfulfilled commitments at the collector’s office at Waidhan, the collector later accepted the memorandum. If this court doesn’t get justice for Amlori people, they will go to the High court at Jabalpur. He is requesting the RS listeners to help them get the justice as soon as possible.
Some more names of aggrieved people that Parsuram mentioned, are – Manish S/o- Ramdas, Kalamati D/o- Ramadhar, Lalmati D/o- Ramkishun, Ramniwas, Ramlallu, Rajesh S/o- Ramautar, Lakpatia W/o- Sankhu, Sunita D/o- Chhotelal.
To know more about Amlori’s situation, call Parsuram Baiga @ 08962346121
Call the Collector demanding an action on this: Shri M.Selvendran, Phone-0780534541,  07805244110,  Mail

Van Satyagrahi – Bechanlal received bail from HC!


Bechanlal Shah, the Van Satyagrahi in jail, got bail order (from Jabalpur High Court) yesterday after 3 weeks of his arrest. Bechanlal’s bail was not granted before. Yesterday, as the news of his bail broke, there were happiness, cheer and slogans in the local villages. MSS member Jagnarayan Shah said, “Bechanlal’s sacrifice brings new energy to our fight to save Mahan. This is how good wins over evil after all. This Van Satyagraha would continue till the 2nd stage clearance to Mahan is revoked!”
On 8th May,  4 Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) members were arrested in the midnight for peaceful protests for saving Mahan forest. 3 activists were released after 40 hrs, but Bechanlal’s bail was pending till yesterday.

Radio Sangharsh submits memorandum to District Magistrate


Radio Sangharsh is making its place among the people in Mahan region of Singrauli. Giving a voice to the struggles of the villagers. We, apart from giving a platform to rural problems, also strive to see those solved with the help of the listeners. Last Saturday (31st May’14), we have submitted a memorandum to the District Magistrate – M. Salvendran about (1) reports on water crisis and (2) bribery practices of the Patwaris in Amelia and Budher village. The DM told us that he would look into these matters and work to solve them. Radio Sangharsh team thanks all the people who report crucial problems and share their lives with us.

A new tactic to plant fear in the fearless minds


Sudama Shah, an employee and broker of the Company, entered Kripanath Yadav’s (active member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti) house without any permission at 7 O’clock in the morning on 31 May 2014. When questioned by Kripanath, Sudama said that he was looking for a labor! Kripanath was never a labor whom company people would search for work. Kripanath feels his life and respect might be under threat and Sudama’s weird behavior could be an indication to that. Kripanath says, if
Kripanath with MSS is fighting for implementing Forest Rights Act in his village, Amelia. They stand in peaceful protest against the violations of FRA and human rights in this area by Mahan Coal mines. Sudama Sahu is S/O Beeflal Shah (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Sarai, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)
Contact the District Magistrate – M.Selvendran, Phone-07805 (234541), 07805(244110)

Mail and notify him of this.


Another gram sabha on FRA – will this be fair and transparent?


Hiramani Singh Gond recently got an information that a Gram-Sabha on Forest Rights Act would be constituted in 3-4 days. Hiramani says that people should be informed of such meetings at least 15 days in advance, as per the rules of M.P. State Panchayat Act. It should take place under the surveillance of video camera and in presence of the highest possible authority. Hiramani already gave an application to the SDM of Singrauli to apply all these rules and make the meeting as transparent as possible.
If the fair regulations are not applied this time, Heeramani fears that again in this meeting, some unfair means will be used like the last time (on 6th March gramsabha when fake signatures of even dead people were produced!)

Hiramani Singh is from Amelia vill. Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh – interview by Avinash Chanchal.
Call the SDM, Singrauli – Ashish Pathak @ 07805233225 and ask for a fair Gramsabha!