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Patwari of Budher continues asking for bribe


Rambhajan Saket continues exploiting the villagers in Budher. Sudama Yadav doesn’t have a land and he completely depends on forest for his livelihood. But the village Patwari – Rambhajan Saket is asking for a bribe of Rs. 20000 for registering land on his name.
Call the District Magistrate – M. Salvendran @ +91 9425821181 and demand action on this corruption.
Call reporter Vivek for more details on this incident @ +91 8966002527

Forest department officials asking for bribe


Budhlal SIngh Khairwar, a tribal from Budher,Singrauli,MP has been collecting Mahua for generations now. The Mahua collection earns him his livelihood. He reports that the local Beat Guard Dinesh Ratnakar asked Budhlal to pay a certain bribe of Rs 2000 if Budhlal wanted to continue his job. Budhlal had no choice but to pay the Beat Guard with his hard earned money to continue his Mahua collection this season. Budhlal now appeals to the Radio Sangharsh community to spread this report and take action to get him justice.
Call the DFO S.K Singh @ +91 9424793525 and demand action on this corrupt official.
Call Hon.Lokayukt, Mr. Prakash Prabhakar Naolekar – 0755 2540935 and report the corruption FAX- 07552538809 ,  or email-
For more details on Budhlal’s plight, call +91 8966002527

‘चतुर कौआ’


A 3rd standard student Jyoti Kumari (Bokaro , Jharkkhand ) is reciting a poem ‘चतुर कौआ’

बड़ी प्यास से मारा मारा,
भटक रहा है कौआ बेचारा,
गाँव गाँव में नगर नगर में
पानी ढूंड न पाया हरा ,
सहसा एक घड़ा जो देखा,
पर पानी था थोडा उसमें,
कंकड़ कंकड़ चुन कर,
कौआ लगा फेकनें बीच घड़े में
घड़े के गर्दन तक जब पानी पंहुचा,
तब निज प्यास बुझाई,
अक्ल और मेहनत के बल पर
किसने नहीं सफलता पाई,

Where will people & Animals Live, At Moily’s Bungalow?


Jaiprakash Khushwaha is reporting from Gram Budher, Dist Singrauli. He is talking about how the forests of Mahan has been given clearance by government for Mining to Essar & Hindalco. The forests will be destroyed but the government has not cared enough of the people & wild life of Mahan. While we can manage our food but where we will live,At Moily’s Bungalow? Asks Jaiprakash.
He wants to government to do arrangements for the people & wildlife so that they get shelter & water.
To know more, call Jayprakash – 7389779955

Livelihood snatched, threatened for life


Virendra Singh went to Budher village for mahua collection but Rudra Pratap Singh and his family Vinay and Chotu stopped him whereas Virendra has his rightful share of Mahua to collect. Rudra Pratap Singh, claiming those trees to be his own, broke Virendra’s bucket full of collected mahua and  threatened to kill him. He left that place and met Bhajandhari and Ramlallu Singh in Budher to explain the incident, then went back to his home in Amelia.
Virendra’s livelihood is snatched and he is demanding for justice.

Call the District Magistrate M. Salvendran to take strong action on this @ +91 9425821181
Call Virendra to know more details of the incident @ +91 8120487266


Telecom Tower co’s are destroying Godwani’s livelihood


Raghunath Singh from Godwani (Singrauli, M.P) reporting about Telecom tower companies’ ecological atrocities in the region. Mahua and Tendu trees provide the main forest produces for villagers’ income. The Telcos are cutting Mahua, Tendu and other trees, thus destroying the livelihood of people. Moreover, they apply force to make the unwilling agree, give measly compensation to those who fight and nothing to the silent! Raghunath and many others want the tower co’s to leave their village.  They demanding for justice.

Call Raghunath to know more details about the companies @ +917771026955

Call the DFO – S.K. Singh and demand a just clarification and an end to this @ +919424793525

Waidhan Police Station isn’t taking FIR


Naredra Dubey calling from Bilaunji, Waidhan,Singrauli. He and Manoj (both from Mahan Sangharsh Samiti) were going somewhere on a bicycle. Near NCL ground they crashed against a motorbike. The drunk biker, Ramsagar Shah, also abused and beat  two of them. Narendra was seriously injured in this accident and got admitted for the night at NTPC hospital Vindhynagar, where R.P. Tiwari from Vindynagar Police Station took his statement. In the morning Narendra got released from the hospital and went to Waidhan Police Station for filling FIR but police refused to write FIR and said they can proceed only when they would receive the statement from VindhyaNagar p.s. The next day, Ramsagar (the biker) came to where Narendra lives and asked for money, threatened him when he didn’t get the same. Narendra says its his right to file an FIR and police must cooperate. He demands an action from the S.P.

Call Narendra for more details @ +91 7771008963

Call the S.P – D. Chakravarty and demand an action @ +91 9479998880

‘Tarikh pe tarikh’ at Mada Police Station! Another 60 days of inaction


Hiramani Singh reporting again against Mada Police Station’s inaction. On 22nd February, he along with other villagers from Amelia filed a complaint against the gramsabha’s fraud on 1125 signatures for land,  at Mada Police Stations. The Police had told that they would take 10 days for inquiry. But now its been two months and there is no progress in this case. Hiramani says that the Police officials don’t care to do their job properly and do not have fear of consequences for such conscious negligence. He would go to any length, all the courts, to get the law take strong action against the perpetrators of the fraud. He will not leave his forest and land.

Hiramani urges the readers to build more pressure on the police to act. Call him to know more about the fraud @ +91 7581863470

Call the S.P – D. Chakravarty and demand an action @ +919479998880 , to help the victims of this conspired fraud save their lands and Mahan forest!


जल जंगल जमीन और हम|


V.K.Verma from Girdih, Jharkhand is reciting a self-composed poem and trying to tell us the importance of  Jal Jangal Jameen and environment.

To know more, contact V.K. Verma – 9006982121

पानी का महत्व पता चलता है हमें सूखे से,
भोजन का महत्व पता चलता है हमें भूखे से,
जंगल का महत्व भी पता चलता है हमें,
बिगड़ते प्राकृतिक संतुलन से,
यानि की प्राकृतिक आपदयों से,
जमीन के महत्व का भी पता चल रहा है हमें,
देश की बढती जनसँख्या से,
पर फिर भी हम क्यों इसके महत्व जानने में लगे है,
इन समस्याओं के समाधान के लियें क्यों नहीं सोचते हैं हम,
क्यों नहीं सोचते है हम इनके निराकरण और निवारण के बारे में,
क्यों नहीं समझना चाहते इन कारणों को,
क्यों नहीं जाना चाहते इन समस्याओं के जड़ तक,
क्यों नहीं क्यों नहीं,
आखिर कब तक बचेगें अपनी जिम्मेदारियों से,
आखिर कब तक भागेंगे अपने आप से,
आइये सब एक साथ मिल कर,
इन समस्याओं के समाधान के बारे में सोचे और पहल करें,
जल जंगल जमीन के साथ अपनी रक्षा,
और अपने परिवार के साथ साथ देश और आने वाली नयी पीढ़ी की रक्षा करें|

Corruption in Urti – wherever you turn to


Santosh Kumar Jaiswal (Village Urti, Tehsil Waidhan, Dist. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh), a student, complaining about the corruption at different levels of administration. The Grampanchayat doesn’t care about the village school. There is no electricity in the village but the villagers are receiving electricity bills in their names. Santosh demands that their MLA must do his work right or resign from his post because there is no electricity, road and other basic facilities for the people. People want progress but nothing seems to go right. He says that no public work is done properly in Urti because everybody is corrupt in the Grampanchayat . He also questions the irregularities in CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s compensation policies. Santosh demands strong legal actions against the corrupt officials & ministers.

To know more about the situation in Urti, call Santosh – +918435647153
Ask the MLA (Singrauli) Shri Ram Lallu Vaishya to do things right now- 07805(267384) / +919425176585

Amelia deserves better rates for Tendu collection bonus


Virendra had reported to Radio Sangharsh in February about his village (Amelia) not getting Tendu Leaf Collection bonus. This was to get the DFO’s attention. After the report, they have received their bonus in March. Virendra informs that though they finally got the bonus, the rates that Amelia Samiti got for Tendu collection, is lesser than other villages around. He says that next year, people in Amelia should get bonus in fair and better rates.  To know more, call Virendra @ 8120487266

Ready to die for saving Mahan


Heeramani’s livelihood is dependent on Mahan forest. He gets tendu, dori, mahua, char, chakaud and other important things from forest and the cattle graze in the forest. He asks where would the cattle graze or how would the people live if the forest goes to the company. Heeramani says that he is ready to die but would not let go of his forest and land at any cost! He is from Amelia village, Madhya Pradesh. To know more, call Heeramani @7581863470

“Veerappa Moily – today’s Dhritarashtra?”


Jayparakash Kushwaha finds similarities between MOEF minister Veerappa moily with Dhritrastra (a mythological character) in Mahabharata. Dhritarashtra, to make his son Duryodhan the king, sacrificed all his subjects in war. Jayprakash says that Moily is the king of the forest and environment and as a king, his duty is to save his kingdom. But this heartless king (instead of protecting) is killing the rich Mahan forest, the wild animals and people by giving permission to Essar for coal mining. Jayprakash is from vil- Budher, post – Jamghadi, tehsil- sarai, dst- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. To know more, contact Jayprakash @ 7389779955

A fresh and fair Gramsabha?


Vivek Goyal (Waidhan, MP) updates us on a recent development in Mahan fight. Mahan Sangharsh Samiti has been fighting for saving Mahan forest and implementation of Forest Right Act 2006 in his area for 3 years now. This is in a crucial phase right now because Environment Minister Veerappa Moily has given second stage clearance to Essar Power; on the other hand Mahan Sangharsh Samiti and the villagers are strongly opposing it. This clearance has been given on the basis of a supposed Gramsabha on 6 March 2013. Around 1125 signatures from this Gramsabha were found forged. Recently newspapers report – District Magistrate M. Salvendran agreed that there were fraud signatures and he said that a fresh gram Sabha would be organized again. Vivek says that Mahan Sangharsh Samiti would do their best in this gramsabha to save Mahan forest and people’s livelihood.
Call Vivek to know more @ 7838034549

Code of conduct – if it restricts MSS members, it must stop the company and its brokers too!


Kamla Singh demands equality in implementing govt regulations. He says that the code of conduct has been applied on Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) members. If that’s the law, then it must apply on the company (Essar and Mahan Coal Ltd.) and its’’ brokers. As the code of conduct would regulate MSS members natural movements around the area, it must also stop the Company brokers from roaming freely by cars in the forest and the villages.
Kamla called from Amelia village, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh.
To know more on this , call Kamla @ 9977527311

Rambhor doesn’t want to give the forest to the company


Rambhor Yadav’s says that the forest their lives are dependent on, is getting snatched away by the Company. The forest produce and the nature around it are essential for his and others’ lives. He doesn’t want to give Mahan forest to the company.  Village- Amelia, Post- Karsualal, Tehsil- Mada, Dist. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. Call Rambhor to know more @ 9669889510

‘ Main apna jangal jameen chhorna nahi chahti hoon’


In this very brief call, Kiran Singh (from Amelia) tells it all. Her livelihood is dependent on the forest and its produces. She will not let go of her ‘Jangal- Jameen’.

“Threatening the Gramsabha, violating Forest Rights Act 2006”


Jagnarayan (from Amelia, Singaruli) says how Mahan Coal ltd is taking the forest and associated livelihoods away from the people. Apart from the violation of the Forest Rights Act 2006, the company reportedly even threatened the Gramsabha to be on the company’s side. He asks Radio Sangharsh to help the people  save their livelihood which is entirely based on forest. You can call Jagnarayan @ 7566904239 for more details.

Displaced family in Naguan didn’t get a place to stay from Essar


Abhay tells us about his life after displacement! His family was staying in village Naguan since 1962. Essar Power  surveyed his village in 2007 and acquired his land. Abhay says that his family did not get any compensation like a plot/home, job and other displacement benefits, as was promised to them. Now his family has no place to stay. Abhay and his family visit the company’s office frequently to get what they rightfully deserve, but no one listens to them. To know more, call Abhay Kr. Trivedi @9826080063

“Mahan Coal Ltd would destroy our Jal – Jangal”


Ramlallu Sing is opposing Mahan Coal Ltd’s exploitation of Mahan forest and natural resources in his area. The poor people are have been living dependent on the  forest and want to save their forest at any cost. They don’t want any company in their area that would destroy the forest. He says that there’s is no need of any company for people’s livelihood in Mahan. He asks from Radio Sangharsh to help him to spread the word. Ramlallu is from village – Amelia, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.

Talk to Ramlallu to know more @ 9977250378

Violations of Forest Rights and Land Acquisition Acts in Mahan – by whom?


Kripanath tells us about the legal violations in Mahan to acquire the villages for mining. Essar power is violating the Forest Rights Act, Land Acquisition Act and Fundamental Rights in his area. Company is also influencing the  Gramsabha by means of money and power. Kripanath is demanding the implementation of the FRA 2006 and Land acquisition act 2011 in his village. People’s lives and livelihoods are in danger. He urges Radio Sangharsh to amplify his voice.

Call Kripanath for more details @ 8966002527

Displaced family in Naguan didn’t get a place to stay from Essar


Vinay Kumar Tiwari’s family was staying in village Naguan since 1965 but now they are displaced. Essar Power  surveyed his village in 2007 and acquired land in 2008. Vinay says that he only received 1.5 lakh per acre but did not get any compensation like a plot/home and other displacement benefits, as was promised to them. Now his family has no place to stay. Essar power took their land by luring.  To know more, call Vinay @ 9977658156