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People’s resistance against company-govt’s duo’s pressure to take their lands & Mahan forest


Essar wants to mine coal in Mahan forest. With the help of Administration, the company is forcefully taking people’s lands. This situation leaves no importance for a fair Gramsabha or people’s voices and even the Forest Right Act 2006 is also getting violated. Company and Administration together want to acquire this forest forcefully. The people living in Mahan are opposing it unitedly as they don’t want to give their forest for any kind of compensation. The Company wants to acquire forest without implementing the Forest Rights act 2006. Hardayal Singh reporting from Amelia, Dist. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.

Talk to Hardayal @ 8966002527 to know more

Singrauli – Katni sector’s only single line runs more freight trains than the ones for public


There is single railway line between Singrauli and Katni. People face perennial difficulties because of this. The reporter give instances of the patients who they couldn’t reach the hospital in times of severe needs! For someone living in Singrauli, the Government’s claim that Indian Railways is for the public, sounds ironic. This is because, the single line caters to all the coal mining companies’ profits with many freight trains causing heavy rain traffic, but the railway service to public is not even worth mentioning. Virendra Singh (reporter) is demanding from the Ministry of Railways to construct double line for bettering people’s lives.

Call Virendra for more details on this @ 8120487266
Ashok Choudhary – (Executive Director PG, Ministry of Railways) @ 011-23386203 or mail to to voice Singrauli’s grievance.

You can also call the MP of the constituency, Govind Prasad Mishra @ 09893128212 / 09013180131

No compensation yet for heavy losses due to hail storm at Amelia


Kamlaprasad, a resident of Amelia village tell us about the losses that his village suffered from the recent hail storm and heavy rainfall. 25-30% of crops got destroyed. The Govt officials have visited few other villages for compensation procedures, but Amelia still waits! Government officials or the area’s MLA, none came for inspection. Interviewer Virendra says that the villagers must get the due compensation which was introduced by CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan for hail strom losses. (VillageAmelia, Post- Karsualal, tehsil Mada, Dist. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)
Call Virendra for more details @ 81204872266
Call the MLA - Rajendra Meshram @ 9425331898

Mada police station non-responsive to complaints against 1125 fraud signatures!


Hiramani Singh reports about Mada police station’s delay in investigation. He along with others files a complaint against 1125 fraud signatures used at Amelia’s Gramsabha to take away people’s lands. The Thana In charge had asked for 10 days’ time from the villagers to get back on updates in investigation. The time asked for was well over and the people didn’t hear anything from the Police. Hiramani says that if Mada police station doesn’t help, then the people would go to all the way from SP to the High Court & Supreme Court for seeking justice. (Amelia Vil, Dist. Singrauli, MP)
You can call Hiramani for more details @ 9753558386
Call the SP – Mithlesh K Shukla @ 07805234601 and ask for justice for Amelia’s people who got cheated.

Few from Mahan Coal Ltd regularly lures children out of Govt school to watch Tv!!


Some people from Mahan Coal ltd have been taking over the control of the Govt.School of Amelia village for all the wrong reasons! They lure the children out of the class and take them out to some other room to show videos, television etc. Whenever some concerned villagers  opposes this, the MCL people abuse and threaten them. Shivakant, Pratibha, Krishna Sahu are involved in it. This is a serious issue and the reporter demands an end to this immediately, to ensure that the children of the villages do what they are supposed to do in the school – study! A report by Kripanath yadav from Village Amelia, Tehsil mada, District Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.
You can call Kripanath for more details @ 9753939429
Call the District Magistrate M.Salvendran @ 9425821181 to put an end to this!

Tribals in Budher sends a strong message to the Company trying to lure them


Anita Kushwaha reporting from Budher (Singrauli, MP). Company people met the tribal in Budher and told, “we will develop you and will provide the basic facilities”. Company proposed supposedly ‘better livelihood’ options like poultry and goat rearing once the villagers part with their lands!  But the Tribal told them unequivocally, “If you take our forest, where will those cattle graze? We don’t want anything from the company! We are happy with our forest and don’t want to give it to you.”
You can call Anita for more details @ 8718939145

Thousand tactics of the Company, can’t win people’s mind over their Jan-Jangal-Jameen!


Rajendra Kumar Saket (member – Mahan Sangharsh Samiti) expresses his disgust about Mahan Coal ltd’s  many faces of atrocities in his village Amelia. The company is forcing people to acquire their land for mining. Nowadays, the company people are clicking photos of the villagers without stating any legal reason. Rajendra (like many others) is determined that whatever comes, he would not let go of the Jal-Jangal-Jameen (water-forest-land). Even if he has to sacrifice his life, he is ready to do so, to save Mahan from destruction!
You can contact Rajendra @ 9713753460

42 years of seeking justice – tribal family didn’t get due compensation & job from CCL


JM Rangeela is reporting about the Govt inaction to the injustice inflicted upon many displaced and tribals in Jharkhand. This one questions CCL’s (Central Coalfield Ltd.) policies on displacement and rights. of a tribal family wh questioning on. CCL had acquired 6.44 acre land of Late. Jagah Namdev’s (vil. Etkheda, block. Chandrapur, Bokaro, Jharkhand) in 1972. 42 years have gone by in vain for this tribal family, they still did not get job and compensation! After Jagah’s son, now his grandchildren keep on visiting the CCL office seeking justice. The reporter says that many political biggies live around the place but nobody cares for the downtrodden. These, bring out the irony in the promised protection of tribal rights, that made Jharkhand a state and one tribal a Chief Minister. You can contact JM Rangeela @ 8002242808

This Govt school teacher has a serious job – getting drunk around the corner & not teaching


Anita Kushwaha is complaining against the ways of the government teacher, Lalman Vaidh. Lalman is a drunkard, doesn’t come to school on time and doesn’t teach properly. He goes to villagers’ houses for drinking liquor, creates nuisance and rampage around. Villagers don’t want him in the school and in Budher. Anita said that since the company had entered the villages, the rate of corruption rose to the highest ever. Nowadays, the government officials are not even concerned about the villager’s problems. Because of this negligence from administration, the level of education goes down. She also asks whether nobody listens to the people of Budher because its a backward village. (Village Budher, Post – Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, District- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

Call Anita for more details on this @ 8718939145

Call the district magistrate M.Salvendran @ 9425821181 to demand Lalman’s removal from the school in Budher

Groundwater contamination would destroy people’s lives & agriculture in Mahan


Vijayshankar is opposing Mahan Coal Ltd in his village Amelia (dst. SIngrauli,M.P). The company is an imminent danger for the people and environment. In Amelia, groundwater and coal reserve are on the same level. The mines would cause severe drinking water-crisis and this would also destroy agriculture in Amelia and all the neighboring villages. Vijayshankar Singh urges everyone reading this, needs to stand up for Mahan forest!

You can contact Vijayshankar @8435637872

Massive turnout of people at Mahan Bachao Jansammelan


Chandrikaprasad Panika tells us about the massive “Mahan Bachao Jansammelan” organized on 27 Feb 2014 Amelia village. About 1500 people from different villages participated in it to show their stand to protect Mahan at any cost! He says that Essar wants to acquire their forest and land for coal mining, that would be fatal for environment and the rich diversified habitat here. Coal is available only for 14 years. If coal mining starts, all the people dependent on Mahan would lose their livelihoods.

To know more about the issue, contact Chandrikaprasad – 8964065527

Mahan Coal Ltd making false promises to win people’s lands!?


Officers from Mahan Coal Ltd. are exploiting and persuading the villagers to get hold of their lands in Amelia (dst. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh). They are tempting the people with promises of jobs, school, hospital etc, none of which is right and we can see what kind of pathetic living conditions the already-displaced people are thrown into! Virendra (reporting) says that the villagers are innocent and they don’t understand the cunning tactics of company. He is demanding legal actions on MCL for exploiting the villagers.
For more details contact Virendra Singh – 8120487266

Mahan Sangharsh Samiti joining hands with national public movements in Raipur rally


Avinash Chanchal (member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti) is reporting about a big mass rally against exploitation of natural resources, police atrocity, corruption and displacement in Raipur, Chattisgarh. MSS members Jagnarayn shah, Kripanath yadav and Akshay Gupta participated there. Kripanath addressing the rally, told how people are fighting for implementation of Forest Right Act in his area and he appealed to various other public movements and organizations to support Mahan Sangharsh Samiti. This is an important step of our fight to save Mahan with the support of national public movements.

To know more about it, call Avinash Chanchal @ 8359826363

Company harassing people to mine coal in Singrauli region


Ramlallu Singh Gond (vil. Amelia, Dst. Singrauli, M.P) says that a company is harassing poor people to get to mine coal in his area. But Ramlallu will not let go of the forest (he says, Jal Jangal Jameen) at any cost, because it is the source of an enriched life and livelihood for poor farmers, laborers and villagers. The coal resource here will last just for 14 years, but for this, livelihoods of one lakh people would be trashed along with the forest. To light up  urban India with Singrauli’s coal, the people from Singrauli would be dead from fatal dust and smoke pollution. He appeals that the Radio Sangharsh audience (you!) help him to pass this message on to the local administration and State Government.

You can contact Ramallu @ 9977250378

MSS activist received life-threats


Mahan Sangharsh Samiti members Jagnarayan and Kripanath received life threats from an influential figure from Amelia village, outside of Bandhaura Police Station! This incident took place on 22 Feb’14 when they went to police station for their personal work. Jagnarayan declares that any harm brought to him, his family or any other MSS member in future, would hold the origin in the threats they had received.
Mahan Sangharsh Samiti is fighting for saving Mahan forest, villagers’ rights and livelihood in the region. Jagnarayan appeals to the villagers to join the Mahan fight with unity and non-violence!

Bribe the Patwari to get land that’s not yours!!…


…and if you don’t, you will lose even what you have rightfully! Listen to Bhaiyalal Panika explaining this from his own bad experience. Bhaiyalal’s father was one among three brothers and had five acre land together which recently went for division. Though legally he should have got 1.6 acre land but he got only 9 dhismil of land. He says that his uncle Samdhari Singh cheated him by bribing Patwari Dheeresh Tripathi to write more land on Samdhari’s name. Now Bhaiyalal is demanding for justice and legal action against Samdhari and Dheeresh Tripathi.
(Village Amelia, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh). Interview by Vivek.
Call the Collector M.Salvendran for action on this @ 09425821181
For more details, call Vivek @ 7838034549

Reminder 2 – Three villages didn’t receive due Tendu-leaf Bonus from 2012


People in Amelia village didn’t get the Tendu Collection Bonus for 2 years (2012-13). But other surrounding villages have received their bonus already. Kripanath Yadav is demanding from the Forest Department (DFO) to pay the pending bonus to his village Amelia. He wants this news to get amplified by Radio Sangharsh audience, that is, YOU.

For more details, contact Kripanath @ 9753939429 and

to create impact, call the DFO, Singrauli S.K. Singh 9424793525

“Tribals have the right to Mahan forest, not the coal mining companies”


Jayparakash from village Budher questions the second stage clearance Of Mahan forest. The tribals are living there for ages. But corporates (Essar & Hindalco) created pressure on government to get the second stage clearance. Government imposed 36 conditions before the clearance; but now without having met those conditions, govt thoughtlessly gave second stage clearance to Mahan. Now where would the wild animal live? Will they live in the house of the Company owner or the minister who gave the clearance? Jayprakash concludes that the forest belongs to the people and animals, not to the company, so,  the villagers would not allow coal mining in Mahan. Jayprakash  Kushwaha is from vil.Budher, dst. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.

To know about the on ground situation, contact Jayprakash @ 7389779955