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Help Anita save Mahan forest & people’s livelihoods from Essar’s violations


Listen to Anita’s urgent call to action for support! Essar power is violating the Forest Rights Act 2006 and Land Acquisition Act 2011 in the Mahan region to take over the forest for mining. Company also bribed the Gramsabha in order to get the lands. People’s lives and livelihoods are in danger because of this! She is demanding immediate implementation of the FRA 2006 and Land Acquisition Act 2011 in her village. Anita appeals to the audience of Radio Sangharsh to help save Mahan forest and the people’s livelihoods. Anita is from Budher village, Singrauli dst. You can reach her @ 8718939145

“I want our forest to be protected”


Kailash Pandey completely depends on forests, which, he says is the foundation of livelihood for any villager’s life. He collects Tendu leaves from the forest to sell in the market, gets firewood to use for cooking, fruits to eat, fresh air to breathe. He doesn’t want the company to come to his village and destroy the forest. Pandey is from Bandha village, Singrauli dst.

Baiga tribe under threat of losing their livelihood


Baiga tribe is completely dependent on Mahan forest for their livelihood. They collect Mahua, Tendu leaves and other important forest produces and earn by selling these in the local market. But now the government is planning to give this forest to companies for coal mining. With others, Baigas are opposing the coal mining and company’s plans in his area in so that their tribe survive in the future. Vivek Goyal is reporting from village Kiraha, Singrauli. You can contact Vivek at 8966002527

Bandhaura Police Station – exemplifies undemocratic process!


Want to file a complaint to the Police? Ask for Essar Security Guards’ permission.

Essar’s thermal power plant project in Singrauli evoked resistance from the people who want to save their forest and livelihood. Thousands of people got displaced and there are plans to displace more. All the people who didn’t get anything that were promised to them before they had been displaced, want to file complaints at the police station. Now, the Bandhaura Police Station (tehsil – Waidhan) is inside the Essar Company compound! Its easy to understand who do the police listen to in this case. If any villager wants to go to the Police Station, s/he has to take permission from Essar’s security guards – otherwise, the police station is inaccessible for people. Vivek (reporting this) asks what kind of ‘democracy’ is this where people don’t even have independence to meet the police without a company’s interference?

You can contact Vivek at 8966002527

“Our fight gets stronger now!” – Mahan Sangharsh Samiti


Undefeated and fearless Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS)’s meets in Bandhaura, since the Govt gave stage-2 clearance to Essar for mining coal there. The people in the meeting, together, emphasized two points : 1. Now on, they will not accept the ministry’s decisions (as Govt broke its own Forest Rights Act for corporate benefit, betraying the people in Mahan); 2. MSS will keep on fighting till they save Mahan forest and the people’s livelihood there. Some company agents tried to disrupt the meeting, but seeing the strong opposition from all the villagers present, they did a disappearing act! – Vivek Goyal reporting from Bandhaura village, Singrauli.

A song by a villager in protest against companies destroying his livelihood


Kripanath yadav from Amelia, Singrauli sings a song to explain the situation in his village which faces displacement because of coal mining. Listen in. You can reach him via mobile- 9753939429

“एस्सार व हिंडाल्को अभिमानी तोड़ो”

भाई बचा लो जंगल का पानी तभी बच पायेगी जिन्दगानी,
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
इस जंगल से महुआ मिलता सब लोगो को ध्यान रहे,
इस जंगल से लकड़ी मिलती जिससे सारा काम रहे,
इस जंगल से हवा मिलता जो जीवन कल्याण करे,
इस जंगल से मिलती औषधि जो रोगों का नाश करे,
इस जंगल से मिलती औषधि जो रोगों का नाश करे,
इस जंगल को ख़तम करत है शाशन और कंपनी छोरो,
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
२०१३, ६  मार्च को बुधवार का दिन रहा,
ग्राम अमेलिया में जिला कलक्टर ने बुलवाया ग्राम सभा,
ग्राम सभा में लोगो की संख्या १८४ रही,
तहसीलदार माड़ा के गुप्ता ने समय के अनुकूल बंद किये,
१८४ को छलपूर्वक ११२५ किये,
ग्राम सभा की नक़ल लेने में हुई बड़ी परेशानी छोड़ो,
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी,
ग्राम सभा का कॉपी ले कर महान संघर्ष के लोग चले,
१९ जुलाई को नईदिल्ली में केंद्रीय मंत्री देव मिले,
मीडिया और पत्रकार के सामने मंत्री ने ज्ञापन लिए,
सब सभा के बीच में मंत्री ने लोगों को सम्बोध किये,
होगी सुनवाई अत्याचारों की,
मिटेगी सब परेशानी
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,

A folk song on Unity.


J.M. Rangeela from Bokaro,Jharkhand is singing a lok geet (folk song) which is written by Poet Shivkumar. He is a well known poet in Kotha literature. This folk song is talks about the importance of unity.

Forest Rights Act & Land Acquisition Act being violated in Singrauli, MP


Virendra Singh from Village Amelia,Tehsil Mada,Dist.- Singrauli,MP is speaking about how Forest Rights Act 2006 and Land Acquisition Act 2011 is being violated in his village. He says Essar Power wants to ruin their forest and livelihood  with the help of government. He is demanding the implementation of Forest Rights Act and land acquisition Act in his village.

For more details contact Virendra Singh - 8120487266

Lands are Being Forcefully Acquired by Companies

Kanti Khaiwar from (Village Amelia, Tehsil Mada, Dist.Singrauli-MP) is speaking about how the companies in their region wants to forcefully acquire their land and  forest. Generations will be affected by the companies action. She doesn’t want to give her forest and land & demands that her right be protected.

No good teachers in village’s school


Shravan Kumar from Sakuahan Singrauli is complaining about how the kid’s future is getting affected because of not having good teachers in the school. He says there are good schools but there are no good teachers. Teachers come late in school and sometimes they also sleep during teaching works. He believes education is one of the major issues in the village that needs to be addressed. You hear of many teenagers / kids  working in the companies being involved in theft or petty crimes. The kids are not able to progress because of lack of education & he wants solution to this problem.
You can reach Shravan on 7566290430

Poor are not getting the BPL card but Rich people do.


Anand Kumar from Giridh,Jharkand talks about the terror which is being spread by the Bahubali’s (Local Goons) in the village. He is also talking about the sad state of affairs where the poor are not getting the BPL card but Rich people do. The administration is not doing enough for the villagers & he expects them to act on their concern.
You can reach him on 7677073986

Support Mahan Sangharsh Samiti to save Mahan forest and end atrocity on people


Jagnarayan Shah (Amelia, Singrauli dst.) tells us about the struggle to save Mahan forest. He lives in village area of Singrauli and depends on forest (jal-jangal-jameen) for his livelihood for generations. Forest is a natural resource that never stops supporting lives, now and in the future. But now, companies like Hindalco and Mahan Coal ltd almost bought the local administration, Govt officials and then together, they are forcefully implying their want (to destroy the forest by mining) in the form of torture to villagers. The Villagers formed Mahan Sangharsh Samiti to fight for saving the Mahan forest, the jal-jangal-zameen. He appeals to the audience of Radio Sangharsh to support them to save mahan forest and bring an end to the injustice and atrocity inflicted on the people. For more details contact Jagnarayan Shah – 7566904239

Forest is the foundation of my life


Ganesh (vil. Bandha, dst. Singrauli) is dependent on farming and forest for his livelihood. He gets tendu, mahua, dori, firewood and other important forest produce from the forest to use for himself and sell  in the market. He doesn’t want to give Mahan forest to company. Interview by Vivek Goyal (Mahan Sangharsh Samiti).

Forest is the foundation of our lives


Bhaiya Bahadur Singh (village Khairahi, dst Singrauli) depends on Mahan forest for his livelihood. This forest is the foundation of life here in Singrauli. People who are poor and don’t have land, get mahua, tendu, wood and other things from forest to sustain their lives. If the forest is destroyed, the people’s lives, the generations of knowledge of living with it, would be ruined.

Three villages didn’t receive due Tendu-leaf Bonus from 2012


Virendra Singh (a citizen journalist) is reporting about the Tendu leaf bonus. He tells us that in Amelia, Suhira and Bandhaura, the villagers did not get their Tendu-bonus from 2012; whereas the people in other villages nearby have received good amount of bonus. He is demanding distribution of the pending bonus from forest department and DFO S.K. Singh.
Ask the DFO S.K. Singh (phone -  9424793525) to take action on this issue.
You can call Virendra for more details in 08120487266

Story of the displaced in Singrauli – their horrible living conditions


Babulal Singh is a displaced. He says that the Company displaced people from his village Khairahi and sent to Naguan.  In Naguan, they are left with impossible living conditions. People don’t get any basic facility like education, electricity, water, hospital etc. They go to Waidhan (that’s 33 km away) for medicines. Even after this, the Company is trying to displace them again. – Madhyapradesh.

Empowering women is the foremost necessity


Chamanlal, working for empowering women from his community for 10 years, tells us about the current state of women in Jharkhand. Providing equal opportunity to women is a necessity for every aspect of societal development. Our society couldn’t do this yet. Rampant male dominancy cause women suffer from – lack of opportunity to study, not having names in legal land documents, domestic violence, dowry, foeticide, gender discrimination and poverty. This needs to be stopped. The first step, Chamanlal suggests, is to make widespread celebration of International Women’s Day, spread awareness by reaching to them with information about women’s rights, legal help & procedures to stop any atrocity they face in any form.

Chamanlal is from Navadi region in Bokaro district, Jharkhand.

Mahan Sangharsh Samiti Stand’s In Protest – Reports Akshey Gupta


Akshay Gupta, from Singrauli, talks about a protest done by members of MSS & Greenpeace on 22nd January 2014 against Essar HQ in Mumbai. They put up a huge 72-feet banner which read ‘We Kill Forests. Essar.’ It also had images of Veerappa Moily  & PM, Manmohan Singh. There was also a similar protest in London. This was an appeal to stop the mining of coal in Mahan forest. Lots of people’s livelihood depends on this forest. It’s against the law to continue with mining without adhering to the Forests Rights Act.

Krupa Nath, one of the members of MSS said, “It is a historic day for all of us here. Essar is encroaching upon our homes in Mahan forest and its corporate bigwigs want to rob us of our livelihood in order to make quick money for themselves. We have travelled 2,000 kilometres to their head office in Mumbai to send them a strong message that our voices cannot be silenced.”

He talks about the protest being successful. The company was forced to listen to their demands.