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Who will the District Magistrate support? People or the Company?


Virendra Singh reporting (Vil.Amelia, Dst. Singrauli, MP): Dated 12 Sept 2013, District Magistrate (M. Selvendran) called for a village meeting in Amelia (near Ujraj Khairwar’s house). Villagers in big number turned up at the meeting. Other Govt officials present were, Sub-Inspector (Bandhora police post) with his police team and the Tehsildar. District Magistrate distributed patta (land registration) to few villagers. D.M indirectly praised company and explained the company policy on employment. He said that an OBC with  50 dhismil land and a SC with 25 dhismil land, would be eligible for job in exchange of their lands. But, he didn’t for once, mentioned the Forest Rights Act – 2006 to the people.
Worried people asked for more time to discuss this serious issue. But the D.M refused to give any more time and said for next meeting, villagers would be informed 15 days in advance. He also told the public that Government hadn’t yet given the forest to Mahaan Coal Ltd. Mahaan Coal Ltd even didn’t know in which areas the company would be eligible for coal mining.
Virendra is worried about the wild animal habitat and says that government should keep in mind the rehabilitation of these wild animals.

For more details on the meeting and the present situation, call: Virendra at 08120487266

Mahan forest sustains their lives, they live in harmony


Ramji yadav from village Amiliya (Singrauli, M.P) shares his worries because the people dependent on Mahan forest are in danger of displacement because of coal mining. He grazes his cattle in the forest, has his house and a small farm land near the forest. In seasons, he collect tendu and mahua to sell, that gives him the money that his family needs to live. Interviewed by Virendra Singh. For more details on Mahan forest and the situation there, call Virendra at 8120487266     

Cement factories polluting the river Damodar


Kailash Giri speaking from Bokaro (Jharkhand): the river Damodar is badly affected by toxic dumping. DVC, CCL, CCCL, BCCL (and other cement factories) are dumping their waste (oil, grease and harmful chemicals etc.) in the river. Local people have to drink the same water after filtering. This results in many suffering from various diseases in this area. Several times, villagers raised this issue and demanded the companies to stop polluting the river, but nothing happened because of Govt inaction. Kailash Giri is worried about the future.
Help save damodar, for more details, call : Kailash Giri at 9608511810
Ask the Pollution Control Board to take action : phone – 0651-2400894/851/852/902/979/138,
Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board grievance form –

Govt’s neglect to Birhor Tribe


J.M. Rangeela (District Bokaro, Jharkhand) is reporting about the bad condition of the houses and Govt neglect towards the Birhor tribal community living in village Dongri, Bihar (Block Gomia, District Bokaro, Jharkhand). There are 89 people from 21 families are living there. Their homes are in very shabby condition which can collapse any time. Governments is said have spent lakhs for improving tribal people’s lives, but here, there is no sign of welfare currently. Government built their house in 1989-90 but now their homes are in such bad conditions that they can collapse anytime. They are also not getting full ration, at least 2 Kgs less rice than what they are supposed to get from Govt. Lakhan Mahato, President of Kishan Sabha and secretory Vijay Mahato have informed the block offices about these issues, but government official looks busy in other work nobody seems to have any concerns or time for the Birhor people. The people are demanding that the Govt need to build new houses for the Birhor tribe and support other rightful facilities for them.

You can contact J.M Rangeela for more details– 8877185940

Patwari sells People’s Lands without their Permission to Company


Women protested against coal mining company’s people when the company’s people came to map people’s agricultural lands in village Budher (Singrauli, M.P) without any prior notice.  Anita Kushwaha (from Budher) with others, told the company people that they won’t let company measure their lands and forests. Shukla (a Company Person) replied, that these lands have been sold by Patwari Rambhajan Saket to company so this land doesn’t belongs to villagers anymore. Anita asks, “how can patwari sell people’s lands without their permission?”

Women told company’s people that they will not allow the company’s people to map their lands in any condition, but company’s people forcefully started mapping. Ramratan’s wife tried to stop them. They even threatened to arrest the women. Deepchand from Amelia asked them, “how can the company work while Code of Conduct applied in this area?’. When the company people answered that for Govt work, code of conduct was not applicable, Deepchand demanded that the patwaari must show his land register & credit book for this village. Conveniently,they told Deepchand that they couldn’t give it because code of conduct was applied in this area.

For further details, please call Anita – 08718939145
Call the District Magistrate M. Selvendran and demand an end to this corruption at – 09425821181

“Prakriti humse naraaz hain…”


V.K Verma from Giridi (Jharkhand) recites a poem on the importance of protecting nature and how our neglect to nature creates disasters and destruction.

प्रकृति हमसे नाराज है

देख कर भी उत्तराखंड जैसी तबाही,
इसका शिकार हुए लोग जब दी गयी इसकी गवाही,
पर फिर बात क्यों नहीं आयी समझ में हमारी,
कि जैसा स्तिथि कल था वो नहीं आज है,
क्योंकि ऐसा लगता है,
जैसे प्रकृति हमसे नाराज़ है,
प्रकृति हमसे नाराज है,
क्यों नहीं सोचते है लोग,
इसके समाधान के बारे में,
पता नहीं कैसा हमारा समाज है,
हमें पता है जब,
जैसी स्तिथि कल था वो नहीं आज है,
प्रकृति हमसे नाराज़ है,
प्रकृति हमसे नाराज़ है,
देख रहे है सामने हम भयंकर सूखा,
ये अहसाह तब होगा,
जब पूरा परिवार सोयेगा भूखा,
फिर भी लोग अनजान बने हुए है,
जैसे कोई राग है,
जैसे कोइ राग है,
तनिक भी नहीं सोचते है,
अपने बारे में,
कि कैसा हमारा साम्राज्य है,
और भी पता नहीं क्या हो सकता है
क्या नहीं हो सकता है,
जब प्रकृति ही हमसे नाराज है,
प्रकृति ही हमसे नाराज है,
चलो चल कर प्रकृति को मानाने का प्रयास करें,
उसके दुःख दर्द और गमो का एहसास करें,
हमें पता है जब
कि पेड़ पौधे लगन और उसकी रक्षा करना ही
प्रकृति को मानाने के आगाज है,
पर भी हमें क्यों समझ में नहीं आता
कि जैसी स्तिथि कल था वो नहीं आज है,
चलो चल कर मनाएं
जब हमारी प्रकृति हमसे नाराज है
प्रकृति हमसे नाराज है
इससे आगे मई क्या कहूं
मेरे पास नहीं अल्फाज़ है
नहीं अल्फाज़ है,

Reliance Power hasn’t paid Ramadin his wages


Ramadin Yadav from village Amelia was working under contract at Reliance Power. For the last four months, he didn’t get his wages from the company. He is requesting the District magistrate for justice.

For more details, contact Ramadin at 09575844833