138 Farmers successfully farmed on barren land in Bokaro district.


Kaise aakash mein surakh nahi ho sakta, Ek pathar to upar uchalo yaaro – Dushyant Kumar

J.M Rangeela talks about how farmers in Bokaro have made this quote a reality. Farming in Jharkand has always been heavily dependent on monsoon. When the monsoon is good it results in good productivity or else the farmers end up suffering. Organisations like Adarsh Gram Vikas Seva Samiti have been encouraging farmers to invest in crops which requires less amount of water so that they don’t get affected with less rain & can still make money. 138 farmers from 9 panchayats have successfully farmed on lands which have been barren for years & grown crops which requires less water. There have been many such success stories from other farmers as well. Farmers who were successful doing farming on barren land will be rewarded so that it encourages others to start farming as well, said Agriculture co-operative officer Balram. For more details contact J.M. Rangeela – 8877185940

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